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True Religion’s Hip-Hop Connection

True Religion jeans have been on the scene for less than two decades, and yet they have become some of the most popular and status-symbolic garments available today. Everyone wants a pair of True Religion jeans to let the world know just how stylish they are, in no small part because of the company’s savvy marketing and branding strategies. But there’s another way the jeans have come to enter into the social consciousness as a status symbol — and it may be far more effective than any of True Religions deliberate marketing efforts.

The hip-hop connection

If you’e listened to any mainstream rappers in the last ten years, chances are you’ve heard True Religion name-dropped in some songs. In fact, even if you don’t make a habit of listening to rap music, chances are you’ve heard Nicki Minaj, a crossover pop-hip-hop star, or Kanye West, one of today’s most infamous musicians. Both artists have called True Religion jeans out by name in their songs, along with other popular rappers like Jim Jones and 2-Chainz.

In fact, it was Jim Jones who popularized the specific “rock star” look that features True Religion jeans. He donned the brand’s now-infamous and ubiquitous bootcut style jeans as early as 2004, when he made an appearance in them during the 2004 source awards.

Multiple appearances in lyrics and videos

Once they entered hip-hop, True Religion jeans started being name dropped all over the place, showing up in the lyrics of songs like The Black-Eyed Peas’ “My Humps,” Lil Wayne’s “Lollipop,” and Gucci Mane’s “What’s It Gonna Be.”