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Why Are True Religion Jeans So Expensive?

We love our True Religion jeans here at TRO, but we can’t deny that the jeans are quite a bit more expensive than the average person can really afford on a pair of pants. But it can hardly be questioned, given their awesome quality, unique designs, and universal appeal — you get what you pay for, after all. Still we often wonder: how can one pair of denim jeans be so expensive, especially when there are plenty of ther companies making jeans for cheaper prices out there?

Made in America – for a price

Probably the biggest reason – and best explanation – for the high price of True Religion jeans is that they are made in the good old USA. Making any product in the United States is more expensive than making them elsewhere, due to cheap labor: countries like China and Vietnam exploit their huge populations to pay their laborers less for the same work. And since True Religion doesn’t want to support such dastardly practices — and because they can benefit from quite a bit of goodwill from the American public by keeping their production and manufacturing in the U.S. – they keep every part of their process local.

Retailers take a huge cut

But the other half of the story is a little harder to swallow. While a pair of True Religion jeans costs only $50 to make, they wholesale for about $150 and can retail for upwards of $300. According to True Religion’s president, a lot of that markup comes from retailers, who can mark up the prices by 2-3 times.