The New Fall Styles, Part II

Yesterday we started talking about the new fall jean styles that True Religion is releasing for the new season, but we didn’t get very far. You have to remember, this is our favorite topic to write about, sot here’s just no way we were going to cover the whole line-up in a single blog entry! At True Religion Outletter we want to make sure we do a really good job of informing you, our readers, about the newest and best trends that are emerging, which includes covering the whole lineup of new denim when it comes out every year.

Cool names for cool styles

Last time, basically only got started talking about the women’s jeans, and how they have really awesome names — like really people’s actual names, instead of just the usual name describing the jeans like “slim” or “straight fit,” etc. We think it’s a great practice that helps you get a lot closer to your jeans, really makes you feel like you have a relationship with this specially crafted garment that you’ve spent so much money to buy. We started to mention that our favorite of the brand new styles was called Runway Legging, which are these really sexy, tight denim jeans that just hug your whole body the whole way down. We’re never seen anything as cool as these jeans, and we can’t wait to get our legs in a pair! Of course, it’s not like you’re going to be doing any yardwork in them – it’s best you leave that to the arbor health experts, anyway – but if you’re going out for a night on the town these jeans are just absolutely perfect. The other styles are all great as well, but we feel like they might be a little familiar to things we’ve seen in the past from True Religion

Men’s styles as awesome as ever

The men’s styles mean business this year. I can totally imagine my favorite land clearing professionals slipping into these after a day of hard work and just dancing the night away. I mean, come to think of it, if I was going to get some work in my yard done and I walked into a consultation where all the men were wearing jeans as stylish as these, I’d think to myself, “What a great landscaping company,” and hire them right there on the spot because I’d know their sense of style is so great that they’d take excellent care of my yard, too!

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