True Religion’s Denim Lineup

It’s our favorite time of year again here at True Religion Outletter – fall line-up time! Today we’ll look at all the new denim styles that True Religion is releasing for the fall. It’s an important day in the industry, because True Religion is such a huge part of the fashion industry and when they release their new styles in the fall it always sets the tone for the rest of the denim world. You can’t deny how influential this company is when it comes to jeans (as well as other parts of the fashion industry), so we like to spend a lot of time going over the new styles when they appear. We’ll look at the seven women’s and four men’s styles that are going to be available this fall.

Women’s styles to wear with attitude

One of True Religion’s signature things to do is give their jeans names – real names, as in the names of people you know, not just “slim” for the skinniest part or “regular straight” for a classic fit. We love this practice and we think it’s really fun, and it’s always nice when the new styles come out because we get to see the names of all the new jeans. So for example this year’s women’s jeans line-up includes the Casey, Stella, Halle (you know like Halle Berry!), Cora, Becca, and Joey lines, as well as the Runway Legging – we’re not sure why this last pair couldn’t get a real name, but it’s one of our favorite of the new styles so we can’t complain!

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