Are My True Religion Jeans “Out of Style?”


It’s come to our attention recently that True Religion jeans are under attack. “True Religion jeans are so yesterday,” we hear people say. Buyers are flocking to message boards all over the internet, panicked and upset, asking if the $200 pair of jeans they just bought from Neiman Marcus are “still in style.” After so many years as the most coveted jeans a person could buy, status symbol for wealth and success, it’s shocking to see people making these claims and asking these questions. It’s our job to defend these jeans: are True Religion jeans still in style?

True Religion is forever

The answer to the question, flat out, is yes – True Religion jeans, as well as all their other products, are still in style. In fact, True Religion jeans will never go out of style. Just the other day we did a piece on how the company is hiring fashion icons to run its marketing campaigns and design it’s products. More importantly, True Religion is a part of our shared American culture: they have been immortalized in songs, and they’re some of the only garments you can buy that are made entirely in the U.S.

Brash but ours

Some people may think True Religion jeans are too flashy, too blingy, too bedazzled. And while it may be true that many of the styles available from our favorite denim maker are indeed flashy, there are plenty of products on their shelves that aren’t. So don’t listen to the haters, folks. Buy American! Buy True Religion!

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