Winter 2015 On-Trend

brown shoes

Get your style en pointe

We know, Christmas is over so you’ve already bought clothes for your loved ones and they’ve bought stuff for you. It doesn’t really matter though – it’s always good to know what’s in style for the season. Maybe you already have many of these options in your closet already, and it’s just a matter of pairing them together to get this season’s most trendy looks for yourself. Whatever the case is for you, get ready for our Winter 2016 on-trend style guide!

The two kinds of pants you need

In order to complete your style this winter season, you’re going to need three very specific kinds of pants to make sure you can hit all the trends. First, you’re going to want to make sure you have a pair of dark, skinny-but-not-too-skinny True Religion jeans – think along the lines of the Ricky Straight Flap jeans in a dark wash. These jeans are a little bit looser than skinny jeans, but are still skinny enough to be in style. You can pair these dark jeans with a white or grey V-neck or a graphic tee for a casual look, or get yourself a nice button-down to dress them up.

You’ll also want a pair of skinny light jeans. These you can pair with rich earth tones, which are making a huge comeback this winter. Think brown, maroon, and army green. These will be your everyday casual pants, and you can pair them with literally any color shirt and shoes, though again we recommend brown shoes and earth tone shirts.

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