A New Creative Force

It’s been a year now since True Religion began it’s new marketing blitz, the Be So Bold campaign that we talked about a few days ago. At this point, there’s no disputing how successful the campaign has been – and rightfully so because it’s such a well-constructed message that gets right to the heart of what the True Religion brand is all about. And who do we have to thank for this vision? Well, the answer to that question is almost guaranteed to surprise you.

True Religion goes to NBA star, fashion icon

The answer, of course, is Russel Westbrook. Anyone interested in sports (and, as we discussed in a previous post, many True Religion’s most famous wearers are, indeed NBA fans) will know Westbrook as the star guard of the Oklahoma City Thunder, and a 4-time all-star pick. Westbrook is also known to be a huge icon in the fashion world, elevating the shoes and clothes of his sponsor, Jordan, to new levels of fashion thanks to his incredible sense of style.

Westbrook nails it as creative director

As the brand new creative director for True Religion, Westbrook has been given almost full control over the Be So Bold campaign. Although he hopes to work on designing some products for True Religion himself, Westbrook is reportedly very happy with his new position. We think it will only be a matter of time before the fashion icon steps up to the plate and begins designing clothing for our favorite brand himself!

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