Recognizing Fake True Religion Jeans

The fact of the matter is, True Religion jeans are expensive. Although we love them, and we think they’re worth the price – even if retailers are known for gouging their consumers a little bit – you’re going to have to pony up for a real pair. If you see True Religion jeans for less than $150, you should beware – they may be fakes. This guide will help you determine if those jeans you just dropped a small mint on are the real deal.

Pay attention to the tags

The first place you’ll want to direct your attention if you think your new jeans are fake is the tag on the back. True Religion jeans are known for, if nothing else, their impeccable stitching. If the stitching on the tag of the jeans is poorly done, they’re almost certainly a fake. The lettering on the jeans may also be faded – another sign you’ve been duped.

You should also look at the price tag. Compare it to another on a pair of jeans you know to be authentic. True Religion price tags always look the same: if your pair has any variations, they may be fake.

You pay for the details – make sure they’re right

One of the reasons these jeans are so well-liked and expensive is their craft. Check the details of your jeans if you think you’ve bought a fake pair. The flap of the pockets on the back of the jeans should never come to a point; it should always be rounded. The Buddha should be standard size, never faded. Look for other variations in these details to know if the jeans are fake.

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