Why True Religion Jeans Are the Best


It still boggles my mind that some people don’t understand why True Religion jeans are so great, but I often find myself fielding questions about why I find them to be the best jeans around. Well, I’ll tell you why they’re so great: the stitching.

The True Story of True Religion

True Religion began in Los Angeles in 2002, bursting into the denim world with a brand-new stitching process that eschewed the classic five-pocket jean design. Because industry-standard machines were incapable of recreating True Religion’s designs, the company built all-new machines capable of achieving their unique design. The process, dubbed Super T, involved a five-needle thread at two-stitches-per-inch, and became synonymous with True Religion. The company’s designs caught on with style icons around the world, and True Religion was born.

Unique designs

True Religion’s popularity undoubtedly grew because of its unique stitching designs, but the brand has lasted because of its self-apparent quality. With careful attention paid to every part of their design–the wash, the treatment, the horseshoe stitching born from the silhouette of Buddha’s smile–True Religion jeans are bold and creative no matter what style you happen to love.

Now that you know why True Religion denim is the best, check out our styles guide, buying guide, or start shopping with us now – I know you’ll be just as satisfied as I am once you get into a pair of these jeans.

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