How to Buy Men’s Jeans


For some reason, in my experience, men just don’t know how to buy jeans! It’s not entirely their fault; although women’s jeans are just as complicated, the pressure for men to buy stylish jeans seems to be a little less than it is on women. Here, we’ll detail the best advice we can give to men about how to purchase a pair of True Religion jeans that really fit.


The most obvious thing to remember is that the size of the jeans is important, but sizing isn’t just about that number. True Religion jeans range in size from 28 to 44. That number refers to waist size in inches. But your waist isn’t the only measurement you need to pay attention to.┬áSome men don’t want their jeans to sit exactly on their waist, in which case they should measure the area where the jeans will sit. Regardless, you must also consider how tight you want the clothing to be, especially through the thigh, as well as the length of each waist size.


Another thing to consider are the many different styles available to buyers of True Religion jeans. Depending on how you like the jeans to fit – snug, loose, high on the waist or low, tapered at the ankle, form-fitting through the seat or trunk – buyers should seek different styles after choosing a size.


The third consideration men should have when they buy their jeans is what color they want. Darker jeans stain less easily, and are more appropriate for clubs or formal occasions, while lighter washes are more casual and will require more washing.

So now you know what you’re looking for when you go shopping on True Religion Outletter!

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